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Building virtual machines for VISTASOFT and PDC applications.

We create Ubuntu virtual machines.

They can be created from Mac/Windows/Ubuntu

We are considering which virtual machine software to use.

You can import machines in the VMDK or VHD format into AWS. These formats are supported by VMware and by Virtual Box (and others).

[edit] Notes

Some things LMP and BW did to get VM going on a Mac Air. The idea is to install ISET and Matlab. Then run the machine. Then export the machine and run it on EC2.

[edit] Parallels

We opened Parallels because it was already installed on the MacAir. We will try other systems later.

We downloaded ISET from github

We installed Matlab (using a bad method of copying from white rather than downloading from mathworks)

sudo scp -r root@white.stanford.edu:/white/scr1/matlab/r2012b .

(LMP knows the root password on white).

This method has a license file in it that points to white. The network connection has to be on the VPN or in the wall at Stanford for this one to run.

In general, we should install one of the stand alone licenses for running on AWS. To do that, we will delete the license file in the licenses directory and then run the activate script. This lets you log in to mathworks or point to some other license file.

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