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Please use this page to upload the slides from your talk at the CNI Inaugural Event.


  1. Click the "Log in" button at the top right of this screen: When prompted use the log in information that was sent to you.
  2. Click the link for your talk: A new page will appear for you to upload your file.
  3. Upload the PDF* of your talk: Click the Choose File button and select your slides - then click the Upload File button at the bottom of the page. Don't change the destination filename field.
  • If you have problems, or if you have other media (movies etc.) that you would like to be available to viewers, please email Michael Perry
  • *Please ensure that your slides have been converted to pdf prior to uploading them. This can be done by opening your presentation on your computer and re-saving it as PDF.



Welcome Address -- Brian Wandell (Stanford University, CNI Director)

Cognitive Neuroscience Session

Cognitive Neuroscience -- Marcus Raichle (Washington University)

Circuit Dynamics Mediating Face Processing in Primates -- Leslie Ungerleider (NIH)

The Menagerie of the Mind: Domain-Specific and Domain-General Components -- Nancy Kanwisher (MIT)

MR Methods Session

High-Fidelity Brain Connectivity Imaging -- Allen Song (Duke)

Eliminating Distortions from BOLD Neuroimaging -- Douglas Noll (Michigan)

Multimodal Imaging of the Restless Brain -- Thomas Liu (UCSD)

Data Integration Session

Quantitative Multimodal Imaging: Probing Structure and Function across Scale -- Anders Dale (UCSD)

High Field High Resoultion Imaging of Brain Structure and Function -- Essa Yacoub (CCMR, Minnesota)

Scalable Neuroimaging Inititaive: agile data sharing and discovery -- Thomas Grabowski (UW)

Introduction Day 2

Scalable Neuroimaging Inititaive: agile data sharing and discovery -- Scott Hinks (GE Healtcare)

In Vivo MR Histology Session

Cyto- and receptorarchitectonic brain organization -- Katrin Amunts (Juelich)

Diffusion MR Imaging of the Brain From White Matter Microstructure to the Human Connectome -- Pratik Mukherjee (UCSF)

How should we think about diffusion tensor MRI tractography? -- Lawrence Frank (UCSD)

Neuroimaging Neurofeedback Opportunities for Self Modulation of Brain Networks -- Jerzy Bodurka (Laureate Institute)

Data Interpretation Session

Cracking the Functional Code of the Brain at Multiple Levels of Organization -- Ranier Goebel (Maastricht)

Inferring Mental Structure from Neuroimaging Data -- Russell Poldrack (UT Austin)

High-dimensional Common Models of Neural Representation Spaces -- James Haxby (Dartmouth)

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