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During camera calibration we determine the spectral sensitivity functions of the camera sensor.


[edit] Experiments

This image shows a diagram of how the different devices are set up. The monochromator produces light with energy in a narrow range of wavelengths. The spectroradiameter measure the spectral energy in the light (see graphs of spectral energy in the light on the lower left). The camera captures an image

Devices used for camera calibration.

[edit] Monochromator

The monochromator produces lights with narrowband wavelengths. Here is an image of the monochromator

Spectral power distributions of the monchromator output.

Typically, there is an integrating sphere that blurs the light over a uniform area. This reduces the intensity of the light, so we remove the intregrating sphere. Now we have a slit of light with more focused energy in a given wavelength. image here of light

[edit] Light source

[edit] Spectraphotometer

[edit] Camera

[edit] Procedure

[edit] Software

The code for camera calibration is in PDC at:

Relevant Matlab m-files are:

  • filtersCharacterize.m
  • estimateSensorSpectralResponse.m -
  • critSensitivities.m
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