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We have set up a Jupyter hub to simplify trying the ISETBIO software. On that site, which we host, you can run demonstration scripts to learn about ISETBIO.

Click here go to the Jupyter hub and explore ISETBIO.

Contact us if you would like a guest account to login and try the software.

LOCAL NOTES: We are considering creating a docker container that includes (a) Jupyter hub, (b) the ISETBIO notebooks, and (c) and means of starting the Matlab kernel for the Jupyter hub on YOUR local machine. In that case, the user could download the container and run it on their own computer, as long as we can start up Matlab on the host computer. In this case, we could put the notebook files on github and clone the repository upon startup.

TODO: Replace the imshow() calls with image(); axis off; axis image so that we can make stuff run on the Jupyter Notebooks.

[edit] Accessing the Jupyter hub notebooks

Using your Login to

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