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ITKGray Interface

The following information describes how to install the new software and get it working on your Linux box or Windows machine. You can get ITKSnap compiled for Macl from the ITKSnap downloads. ITKSnap is very similar to ITKGray, but lacks the topology checking tools.

ItkGray for Linux

ItkGray has been compiled to work with the latest versions of Linux, as well as some older versions, as a standalone program. Once the download is complete unpack the .zip and the executable file will be in the /bin folder.



If the pre-compiled binaries don't work for you, you can build ItkGray on any reasonably modern linux system. Just get the shell script, save it to disk somewhere with a few hundred MB available, and run it. This script will download and build the ItkGray dependencies (CMake, FLTK, ITK, and VTK) and then download and build the latest version of ItkGray. The entire process should take a couple of hours.

ItkGray for Windows (32- and 64-bit)

The current version of ItkGray will run directly under Windows.


Note: The Windows 32-bit .exe will also run on 64-bit windows. However, some functions, such as rendering a 3D mesh, may not work in win64.

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