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OpenNX is an open source drop in replacement for NoMachine's NX client. It is compatible to the original client in that it uses the same syntax for the session configuration files (.nxs files). OpenNX is distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1. OpenNX is written in C++ and uses the excellent wxWidgets toolkit. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR VISTA LAB MACHINES


openNX server installation

Installation of the openNX server must be done by a root user. On vistalab machines this should be done by Michael - talk to him about it.

 curl -O /root/nxinstall; 
chmod 700 /root/nxinstall /root/nxinstall 
  • Choose option to setup custom keypairs


For security you must copy the file to your home directory on the server and the client.
On each machine (client and server) run the following commands:

 curl -O ~/client.id_dsa.key 
chmod 777 ~/client.id_dsa.key 
  • Note that this file has keys for many machines... not just yours - it's a master key for all vistalab machines that is updated as each new install is completed.

openNX client installation

  1. Install the openNX client from:
  2. Run the installer
  3. Configure the connection

Questions and help

Email: Michael

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