PDC Startup Example


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% startup on linux: Ochre % % Brian Wandell restoredefaultpath; addpath('/home/wandell/matlab/path'); isetDir = '/home/wandell/matlab/svn/iset-4.0'; rtbDir = '/usr/share/RenderToolbox'; stbDir = '/usr/share/SimToolbox'; ptbDir = '/usr/share/psychtoolbox-3'; resp = input('Enter: 1 (ISET-4.0) or 2 (VISTA) or 3 (PDC) 4 (ISET and RenderToolbox) 5 (NONE):'); switch resp case 4 % Sets up ISET, RenderToolbox, SimToolbox, PsychToolbox and removes % SVN directories from the path. isetPath(isetDir); addpath(genpath(rtbDir)); addpath(genpath(stbDir)); addpath(genpath(ptbDir)); path(RemoveSVNPaths); case 3 pdcSoftPath; pdcProjectsPath; isetPath; case 2 vistaPath; addpath(genpath('/home/brian/matlab/SVN/vistaproj')); case 1 isetPath(isetDir); chdir(isetDir); otherwise disp('No ISET, or VISTA path set.') end % Finds the current path and, by default, removes directories starting with % '.svn' svnRemovePath; clear isetDir clear resp

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