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New research projects summarize results and communicate here. Many of these pages are open, but some of them need to be password protected for the usual reasons.


High-Speed Print Error Detection

Demosaicking, Denoising, Color Transform

Interleaved Imaging

Camera Image Quality

ClearType Font Analysis

Color Balancing

Image Classification

Nikhil Gupta is working on implementations of image classification, such as adaptive resonance theory.

Spiking RGC Simulations

We are collaborating with teams at DARPA and IBM to develop spiking-based simulations of the human brain.

Reflectance Estimation

Words about this project - We are using variants of compressive sensing to estimate reflectance and illuminants from camera data.

Pixel Binning

Various models of CFA arrays and pixel binning ideas. These come from patents and online articles. References on Pixel Binning

SPIE paper on - Sensor binning

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