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New research projects summarize results and communicate here. Many of these pages are open, but some of them need to be password protected for the usual reasons.


[edit] High-Speed Print Error Detection

[edit] Demosaicking, Denoising, Color Transform

[edit] Interleaved Imaging

[edit] Camera Image Quality

[edit] ClearType Font Analysis

[edit] Color Balancing

[edit] Image Classification

Nikhil Gupta is working on implementations of image classification, such as adaptive resonance theory.

[edit] Spiking RGC Simulations

We are collaborating with teams at DARPA and IBM to develop spiking-based simulations of the human brain.

[edit] Reflectance Estimation

Words about this project - We are using variants of compressive sensing to estimate reflectance and illuminants from camera data.

[edit] Pixel Binning

Various models of CFA arrays and pixel binning ideas. These come from patents and online articles. References on Pixel Binning

SPIE paper on - Sensor binning

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