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This function builds a frequency sensitivity curve using cones absorptions, with the contrast sensitivity results outputted by rgcContrastSensitivityAbsorptions. It uses rgcFitWeibull for a smoothed fit to the contrast curves.


[edit] Use of the function

[results contrastThreshold cpds] = rgcFrequencySensitivityAbsorptions(cpds, saveDirectory)

[edit] Input

  • cpds : spatial frequencies, in cycles/degree, at which you want to do the experiment.
  • saveDirectory : directory in which to save the results. If none is input, the results are not saved.

Default accuracy value (classification accuracy at which the threshold contrast is taken) : 0.81

[edit] Output

  • results : cell array of result structures, on for each cpd value, containing :
    • result.accuracyValue, same as input
    • result.contrastTreshold
    • result.cpd
    • results from the Weibull fit (see rgcFitWeibull for the format)
  • contrastThreshold : contrast at which the accuracy is accuracyValue (on the Weibull curve, no the experimental one).
  • cpds : spatial frequencies, in cycles per degree, at which the experiment was done.

[edit] Remarks

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