Sensor Parameters


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We have done several studies comparing the performance of measured and simulated imaging sensors. The veridicality of the simulations depends on the accuracy of sensor parameters, such as the spectral transmittance of filters, the quantum efficiency of the photodiode, the geometry of the pixel, the read noise, dark voltage, dsnu, prnu and so forth. Some of the sensor parameters must be obtained from the manufacturer. These include the pixel size, CFA, well capacity, voltage swing and conversion gain. Other sensor parameters can be measured. These include the spectral sensitivity of the color pixels and noise properties.

See Farrell et al 2009 for a description of the measurement methods we use to estimate these sensor parameters.

See Farrell et al 2008 for a comparison of simulated and measured sensor performance

See Farrell et al 2006 for an ISET simulation designed to evaluate image quality tradeoffs between resolution and sensitivity.

Here are some student class projects that compare simulations and measurements of cmos imaging sensors.

-- Calibration of a Micron cmos sensor

-- Calibration, simulation and evaluation of several different camera phones

We are currently developing ISET simulations for another cmos imager . At this time, the pages that describe this work are restricted.

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