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Instructions for setting up VRN on different operating systems.

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Mac OS



Setup instructions to get the 'synapse/vrn/sst' Python scripts (like s_sst_litvak_fig2) running on a Windows machine.

  1. Download and install the following
    1. Python
    2. Scipy
    3. NumPy
    4. SymPy
    5. Matplotlib
  2. Install Python "setuptools". This tool is used to install Brian simulator using the easy_install script. Get it here.
  3. Install Brian simulator. Details can be found here.
    1. Execute the script easy_install to install Brian 'easy_install brian'. This script can be found in X:\<Python-Install-Dir>\Lib\site-packages
    2. Do the same to install Nose unit test library. 'easy_install Nose'
    3. Test if Brian is installed correctly by executing this from Python shell
      1. from brian import *
      2. brian_sample_run()

Tested successfully on a Windows 7 machine with the following:

  • Python-2.6.4
  • setuptools-0.6c11
  • Brian-1.2.0
  • SciPy-0.7.1
  • NumPy-1.3.0
  • Matplotlib-0.99.1
  • sympy-0.6.6

The scripts using 'synapse/vrn/sst/v1s' do not work yet on Windows machines, as it needs PyML library, which is not directly supported on Windows platform.

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