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*[http://www-isl.stanford.edu/~abbas/group/imaging.shtml Programmable digital camera (PDC) project]
*[http://www-isl.stanford.edu/~abbas/group/imaging.shtml Programmable digital camera (PDC) project]
== People ==
Haomiao Jiang, Qiyuan Tian, Henryk Blasinski, Manu Parmar, [http://scien.stanford.edu/jfsite/index.html Joyce Farrell], Steven Lansel, Jiajing Xu, [http://www.stanford.edu/~pcatryss Peter Catrysse] and [http://vistalab.stanford.edu/wandell.html Brian Wandell]. You may be interested to browse through [http://white.stanford.edu/teach/index.php/Main_Page#Psych_221 a large collection of student projects related to this work].

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This manual describes the MRI software, experimental methods and administrative procedures used in the Wandell lab. Manual pages that describe the software and analytical methods are organized into major manual sections by the menu at the left.

Description of the MR scanner and protocols we are using can be found in wiki pages Stanford's Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI).


MR Software

For the last decade we have shared software from our lab freely. An overview of all the software, and links to software and test data downloads, are in Software. There are large wiki sections describing distinct software components for

MR Analysis methods

These pages also describe the methods we have developed within these packages.

Local interest

If you are a new lab member and would like to review general issues please visit the Vistalab new member page

Welcome VISTA Lab (Image Systems Engineering)

This wiki describes software and experimental methods developed for Image systems engineering (ISE) applications.
The work here is done in collaboration with members of Stanford's Center for Image Systems Engineering.

Current ISE projects

Computational eye brain project (Simons Foundation)

This is a simulation and modeling collaboration with David Brainard, E.J. Chichilnisky, and Fred Rieke.

Related ISE projects

Image databases and related

Curated list of image databases

Image databases

Hyperspectral databases


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