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As of December 2011 the Wandell Lab file server (WHITE) is being backed up to the AmazonS3 cloud using JungleDisk (Server Edition) software. This backup solution has been setup and implemented by Michael Perry __. Visit the White Restore Request page if you need a file or folder restored.


Cloud backup overview - JungleDisk


We use JungleDisk (Server Edition) to do the White could backup. JungleDisk provides the back end software that runs on White (the server client - 'junglediskserver'). Junglediskserver communicates data to the cloud, which in our case is the AmazonS3 Cloud. JungleDisk also provides the front end server management software that we use to manage what we backup and to do file restores. The sections below provide information about installing the management software, adding directories to the backup and restoring files from the backup.

The Server Client

The JungleDisk server client (junglediskserver) is installed and runs on White. The server is automatically started when white boots or when the server is upgraded. A single instance of the server should be running at all times - you should never start the junglediskserver if it is already running as this will cause performance issues.

To see if the server is running log into white and type:

 ps aux | grep junglediskserver

To start the server log into white and type:

 sudo /etc/init.d/junglediskserver start 

The server can be stopped by running:

 sudo /etc/init.d/junglediskserver stop 

Note that you will need sudo privileges to run these commands on white.

JungleDisk Server Management Software

To manage the server client on white you must download and install the JungleDisk Server Management software on your local machine. This application allows you to login to the server client (using email and password - see Michael) that runs on white and make changes to the backup configuration. This software is available for Linux, Windows and OSX.


From any VISTA LAB computer you can run the JungleDisk Server Management Software application by typing:


You can run the following line to add it to ~/.bashrc to make things easier - you can then just type 'jungledisk' to start the management application:

 alias jungledisk='/white/u8/lmperry/software/junglediskservermanagement312/junglediskservermanagement'  >> ~/.bashrc

Ubuntu Linux

To download the application on Ubuntu Linux:



To download and install the management software on Windows follow the following link:



To download and install the management software on OSX follow the following link:

JungleDisk Connect Window
JungleDisk Management Window

The Backup Plan

White is our main file server and is home to all users /home directories, as well as the VISTA web site, the VISTA Wiki and the SVN repositories. The current backup plan is to provide a cloud backup solution for all indispensable files on White.

  • Backups occur every morning at 1am.
  • Only WHITE is part of the backup plan.
  • No data from BIAC or desktop workstations (e.g., scratch space) is saved on the cloud.

What is being backed up

  • /white/u* - White users' home directories
  • /u/websk - The VISTA LAB Webpage
  • /var/www/ - The VISTA LAB WIKI
  • /var/svn - The SVN repositories
  • /root/
  • /etc/
  • /var/ - (excluding some directories: log/ ; tmp/ ; cache/)

Adding directories to the current backup

To add a directory to the current backup you must install and run the JungleDisk Server Management application for your OS - see the section above for help with that. Please speak with Michael before you make any changes here.

  1. Launch the Jungle Disk Server Management Client and login (* Get login info from Michael)
  2. Choose 'white.stanford.edu' and connect.
  3. Select 'Configure' in the Management Window
  4. Expand the list under 'white.stanford.edu' in the left margin (see image below)
  5. Expand 'backup' to expose the list
  6. Select 'What to Backup'
  7. Click 'Add or Change Backup Folders' (This will take a minute or 5 or 15 to come up - it has to load the entire contents of white so you can see it all! It is essentially like doing an 'ls' or 'dir' recursively on White. This can take a while so be patient).
  8. Check the box next to the directory you want to add to the backup.
  9. Click 'OK'
White Backup Config Window
Select Folders for Backup Window

The Restore Plan

Restoring data from one of the backups on the Cloud is relatively simple and is done using the JungleDisk Server Management application.

Restore a file or directory

  1. Run the JungleDisk Server Management application and login
    - see Michael ___ for login details
  2. From the 'Online Disk' menu choose 'Restore'
    - This will open the Restore Files dialog window and you will see the folders that are part of the current backup plan.
  3. Choose the folder or file you want to restore
  4. Select which backup you would like to 'Restore From'
  5. Select where you would like to restore the file to in the 'Restore To' section.
    -Note that you can restore to to a remote folder or to the original location.
  6. Click the 'Add Folder to Restore' or 'Add File to Restore' button as applicable.
  7. Click 'Restore Options' and make sure that 'Restore owner, group and security attributes for files' is selected.
    - From here you can also select to restore only those files that are missing from the destination folder if that's your goal.
  8. Click 'Start Restore'
JungleDisk Management Window
JungleDisk Restore Window

Restore Request

If you need a file or folder restored from the white could backup please fill out the form located on the White Cloud Backup Restore Request page.

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