Windows scene3D installation


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These are instructions for creating PBRT and the scene3D related Matlab files on Windows 7

We need to get Rendertoolbox here, probably it runs the same on any platform.


[edit] GIT

GO to the git download page and install it.

[edit] PBRT

We downloaded PBRT (physically based ray tracing) using git.

[edit] Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (not 2010)

They make you register and get a key. The mail didn't work for me, but clicking to continue on the browser magically produced a key. They are so annoying.

[edit] CYGWIN

I think you need to get cygwin, too. This installs via a downloadable executable from the cygwin site.

When installing cygwin, you must install?? the developer's directory. By default this is not installed. This directory contains bison.exe and gcc and other stuff that you probably need.

[edit] Compiling PBRT

Bring up a git shell. Then you clone pbrt version 2 using the command

git clone git://

Open the solutions (ugh, what a name) file in the PBRT/src/pbrt.vs2008 directory

It ran for me. I tried various times with 2010 and couldn't figure out how to set the LINKER to find the right libraries. So that's why I used 2008. Probably PBRT used 2008.

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