Applying the Identity


For royalty-free images of campus, access the Stanford All-Image Exchange (SALLIE).

Photo Library (SALLIE)

SALLIE (Stanford ALL-Image Exchange) is Stanford's campus-wide system for managing and sharing digital assets (photos, videos, and other files) used in communications.

Launch SALLIE photo database

Stanford Selects Collection

StanfordSelects is a small subset of all the images in SALLIE. The images in StanfordSelects are high-quality, downloadable images, organized for quick access. Browse through the set at any time using the categories in the left sidebar.

To search only the images in StanfordSelects (in other words, if you want to work only with a much smaller set of pre-selected images), go to Select a Catalog, and choose StanfordSelects. Now you'll be looking only at the curated set of images.

Last updated: 8/29/16
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