Whether you are creating a website, publication or promotional materials as part of your role at Stanford, the Office of University Communications is happy to help. Below are a few options for various kinds of support you may need as well as relevant policies that will influence your use of the Stanford Identity.

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What kind of support do you need?

Feedback or Brand Consulting

Over many years of working on a wide range of different projects, in a variety of formats, we have built a wealth of expertise which may be of value to your project. We are also happy to advise people outside the University if they have any questions on dealing with the brand identity or other features of these guidelines.

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Website Support

Stanford Web Services (SWS) provides the Stanford community a full range of website support at well below market rates. Their design templates utilize the latest Stanford identity elements and have been approved for use by academic departments and administrative units.

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Trademark Licensing & Use

Please contact the Trademark Associate at (650) 723-3331 for information about licensing Stanford's trademarks and obtaining artwork with proper trademark designations. For other questions please contact the Director of Business Development at or (650) 723-3331.