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WordPress Theme Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will show you how to:

  1. Install the Theme
  2. Edit Settings
  3. Configure Theme Options

Step 1: Install the Theme

  1. Visit IT Web Templates
  2. Click Download WordPress Theme
  3. Unzip the file (if necessary)
  4. Open your favorite FTP client such as Fetch
  5. Browse to your directory's cgi-bin folder, then your WordPress folder & wp-content > themes
  6. Your full remote path should look something like this:
    Edit "yourgroup" and "yourwordpress" appropriately
  7. Upload your downloaded "stanfordmodern" folder to your themes folder
  8. Your remote path should now look like this
  9. Login to your WordPress site
  10. In the left sidebar click Appearance
  11. Under Available Themes find Stanford Modern and click Activate

Step 2: Edit Settings

General Settings


Change your general settings to include your group or department name

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. On the left click Settings
  3. You can use one or both fields
  4. Change the fields to the following:
    • Site Title (examples): "Law" or "Department of"
    • Tagline (example): "Applied Metaphysics" (i.e. if you wrote "Department of" for your Site Title)

Media Settings


Change your media settings so your images fit the layout natively

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. On the left, under Settings, click Media
  3. Change the images sizes to the following:
    1. Thumbnail size: 150x150
    2. Medium size: 300x300
    3. Large size: 568x568

Step 3: Configure Theme Options



You can easily change your site layout and header style

  • Login to your WordPress admin
  • On the left, under Appearance, click Options
  • Select a layout option
  • Select a header option
    • Single line will only display your "Site Title" in a larger font
    • Double line will display your "Site Title" and "Tagline" in a smaller font

Optional: Menus


Dynamic menus are available for the left sidebar, right sidebar and footer

  • Login to your WordPress admin
  • On the left, under Appearance, click Menus
  • Next to "Menu Name" give your new menu a name (i.e. "Main Menu")
  • On the left add "Custom Links" and "Pages" links
  • Save Menu
  • Under "Theme Locations" select where you'd like the menu to appear
  • For the "Left Sidebar Menu" to appear, you must use either "Two sidebars" or "Sidebar left" layout option (above)