Welp, the Spring Quarter is coming to a close. I hope everyone has had as much fun taking the class as we have teaching it! Remember, windsurfing only begins at Felt Lake. There’s a whole huge Bay and Ocean out there waiting for you to take the next steps. During the summer, as our fog-driven thermal winds ramp up, there won’t be a week that someone from the club isn’t ripping it up at Coyote Point or Candlestick Point. So make sure you stay tuned into the mailing lists and take opportunities to get on the water!

If you absolutely cannot wait to get back on the water and are looking for continuing instruction, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friends at Cal Sailing Club or Board Sports School. Also, if you keep in touch with your instructors and volunteer to TA our course next year, you can get access to our extensive equipment collection!

Hope to see you on the water this summer!