The Zheng Group aims to develop novel materials for energy and propulsion applications. Our research involves fundamental knowledge in combustion, materials and chemistry. Our current research has three general directions. First, we continue to develop ultrafast flame-based methods to synthesize novel nanomaterials, especially metal oxides. Second, we are designing electrocatalysts and devices to split water into hydrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide. Finally, we are developing new metal/polymer composites as high energy density fuels for propulsion applications. Our educational goal is to empower you with knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Postdoc Position in Nanofabrication of Si Nanowires

  • Zheng Group seeks highly motivated postdoc candidates in top-down Si nanowire fabrication with strong clean room and material characterization experience. (See more details)

Research News

  • In Sun's Advanced Energy Material paper gets a cover art treatment!
  • Hong Li (Colin)'s paper is published in Nature Materials (Link), (News). Congratulations!
  • Hong Li (Colin)'s paper is published in Nature Communications (Link), (News). Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to Professor Xiaolin Zheng for the 2015 /Nano Letters/ Young Investigator Lectureship Award. (Link)
  • National Geographic releases a cool video on our research on solar energy and our group members in action! (Video)
  • Xiaolin Zheng was named to the 2014 class of National Geographic Emerging Explorers. May, 2014 (link)(Video)
  • Congratulations to Chi Hwan Lee for receiving the MRS Graduate Student Silver Award! Dec. 2013
  • Xiaolin Zheng has been honored as a pioneer on the 2013 TR35 Global list by MIT Technology Review! TR35 recognizes a list of 35 exceptionally talented technologists under the age of 35 whose work has great potential to transform the world. (link) (Video)
  • In Sun's paper is published in Nature Communications (link). Congratulations!
  • In Sun and Yunzhe's paper in Nano Letter is selected for the cover art. Congratulations! Mar., 2013
  • Xiaolin Zheng gave a tutorial on Combustion Synthesis of Nanomaterials for CNEEC (Video), Jan. 7, 2013