Lab Safety Training

Complete EHS-4200, EHS-1900, EHS-3400, SHP-2000, and EHS-2200 courses through STARS (Stanford Training and Registration System) on AXESS.

Environmental Health & Safety Website.

Chemical Safety.

General Lab Safety.

Waste Disposal.

Continuing Lab Work During COVID-19.

Chemical Inventory.

Waste Tag Generator.

Incident Report – Incidents involving injury/illness or close-call events must be reported here within 24 hours of occurrence.

Stanford Shared Facilities

Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)

Soft & Hybrid Materials Facility (SMF)

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF)

Stanford University Mass Spectrometry

Stanford X-ray Lab

Environmental Measurements Facility (EMF)

Chemistry Optics Facility

Chemistry NMR Facility


Superusers List:

Centrifuges – Lauren Vallez

RDE/RRDE Equipment – Lauren Vallez

Ultrasonic Probe – Lauren Vallez

Potentiostats – Thomas Gill & Lauren Vallez

Mass Spectrometer – Thomas Gill

Fiber Optic Oxygen Probe – Thomas Gill

Solar Simulator – Thomas Gill

Gas Chromatograph – Xinjian Shi

Flame Setup – Xinjian Shi

Tube Furnace – Chris Francis Barresi Mercado

Optical Microscope – Chris Francis Barresi Mercado

Corona Gun – Rui Ning

Ball Mill – Jihyun Baek

Bomb Microcalorimeter – Yue Jiang & Jihyun Baek

TGA/DSC – Yue Jiang

High Speed Camera – Yue Jiang

Infrared Camera – Yue Jiang

Vacuum Oven – Yue Jiang

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