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Installing AFS on IRIX 6.5

AFS Kernel Modifications

The modifications which allow the AFS Cache Manager to function need to be incorporated into the kernel. These instructions are for using the dynamic kernel loader "ml" provided by Silicon Graphics. To incorporate them:

Verify that the ml binary is available on local disk
ls -l /sbin/ml
Check contents of /usr/vice/etc/sgiload

This directory should contain binaries for all the differnet types of IRIX kernels. You should get something that looks a lot like:

# ls /usr/vice/etc/sgiload
libafs.IP19.nonfs.o		 libafs.IP26.nonfs.o
libafs.IP20-R5000-1.0.nonfs.o	 libafs.IP27.nonfs.o
libafs.IP20.nonfs.o		 libafs.IP28.nonfs.o
libafs.IP21.nonfs.o              libafs.IP30.nonfs.o
libafs.IP22.nonfs.o              libafs.IP32.nonfs.o
libafs.IP25.nonfs.o              libafs.IP35.nonfs.o
Install the AFS library file

To do this, you'll need to know your IPNO, which refers to the type of processsor on your SGI machine. To find this out type:

/bin/uname -m

Using this value of <IPNO>, link in the approriate library (all one line):

/sbin/ml ld -v -j /usr/vice/etc/sgiload/libafs.<IPNO>.nonfs.o -p Afs_ -a afs
Install the init script

IRIX needs to find the init script in two locations, like so:

cp /usr/vice/etc/afs.rc /etc/init.d/afs
chmod 555 /etc/init.d/afs
ln -s /etc/init.d/afs /etc/rc0.d/K35afs
ln -s /etc/init.d/afs /etc/rc2.d/S35afs
Invoke AFSD
/etc/chkconfig -f afsclient on 
/etc/chkconfig -f afsml on
Return to the AFS Install Guide to set up your AFS cache and finish the installation.
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