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Cancellations / Refunds

If you drop a fee class (hands-on, lecture or 1-on-1) at least five (5) full business days prior to the class, you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, no refund will be given and you will be charged the full class fee.

To drop a class using the online registration program (STARS), log into Axess, click the "Training (STARS)" tab, go to the "My Learning" link, and find the class you wish to drop.

Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled by the training provider. Should this occur, you will be notified and your fee, if any, will be refunded.

Late Arrival

Please be prompt and allow time to find parking and/or classrooms.

If you are over 10 minutes late to class:

  • you may not be allowed in the class due to the technical nature of the instruction and you will be charged, or
  • if your seat is given to someone on the waiting list (if one exists), you will not be charged.

If you are running late, please call Tech Training at (650) 723-4391.

Wait List

Please sign up for classes you wish to take even if they are full. If there are enough registrants on the wait list, Tech Training may set up another section. Often, people on the wait list get into classes. You will not be charged if you are on the wait list and do not get into the class.

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