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Facility Rental Request Form

Use this form to request use of one of our facilities:

  • Turing Auditorium
  • POST
  • PHIL
  • Arguello Labs (also known as Encina Modular B)

See our Facility Rental page for room descriptions, hardware/software provided, scheduling policies, and rental fees. To check the availability of the facilities, go to the online calendar. If you have questions about this form, contact IT Services Technology Training at 723-4391 or

Your Name:
Phone No.:
Fax No.:

Which facility do you wish to rent?
(All hands-on computer labs have both Mac / Windows available)

Dates/Times (please list ONLY the exact time of your event; you will automatically receive a half hour before and after your event for setup and breakdown):
Would you like an orientation?
Title of Event:
Is this rental for a class?
If this rental is for a class, what is the class title? What is the course number? Class Title:
Course Number:
Purpose of Event (e.g., to demo application to new users):

Approximate no. of people in audience:
Note: Turing holds 88, POST / Arguello seats 18, PHIL seats 16

Who will be in the audience (staff, faculty, students, other, etc.):
Name of Presenter(s):
Presenter Email, Phone No.:
Technical Contact Name:
Technical Contact Email, Phone No.:
If needed, what optional equipment will you need (Overhead projector, Document Camera, Microphone)?
Will you bring a laptop? Yes
What software will you need? Temporary installations of your special software may be possible. (See "Technical Support" policy below)
Refreshments are allowed in Turing Auditorium ONLY. Will you be serving refreshments?
(See "Refreshments" policy below)
Project-Task-Award (PTA) (required) - -
Org (required)
Sponsoring Dept.:
Name of Authorized Approver (required) :
Email of Authorized Approver (required):
Phone of Authorized Approver (required):


Cancellation: Cancellations 5 full business days prior to the event will be accepted at no charge. Within 5 days of the scheduled event, the full amount will be charged to the account you provided.

Technical Support: With your confirmed rental agreement, you are entitled to (1) one hour of technical support, (i.e., orientation, loading software, logistical coordination, etc.). If you require technical support over the (1) hour provided as part of this rental agreement, your account will be charged at the rate of $80 per hour. You must arrange for technical support prior to the event.

Refreshments: Turing Auditorium is the only facility at which food and drink are allowed. You are responsible for clean-up and pick-up arrangements for refreshments. If the room is not left clean and ready for the next renter, a clean-up fee will be charged to your account to cover janitorial services.


*Rental fees will appear on your IT Services Statement: Expenditure Code is 58310.


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