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Classes on Request

Technology Training Services may be able to arrange a special class for your department or group. It could be a special session of one of the courses we regularly teach, or a customized class on a particular application or topic your group needs to learn. In addition to our on-staff training professional, we work with contract trainers in the area who can also create instruction to meet your group's needs. Whatever your situation, we will try to accommodate you!

To request a special class, please fill out the form below. We'll contact you as soon as possible to follow up on your request.

This service is available to Stanford-affiliated groups only. Fees, if any, must be paid for with a Stanford University, Hospital/LPCH, or SLAC account number.

If you are looking for one-on-one training, go to

If you have your own instructor and curriculum and just need to rent a facility, go to

Your Name: A value is required.
Department: A value is required.
Phone No.: A value is required.
Email: A value is required.
Subject matter of your class: A value is required.
Application version (e.g., Word 2007): A value is required.
Expertise level of learners (beginning, intermediate, advanced, etc.): A value is required.
Approx. no. of learners: A value is required.
Windows or Macintosh preferred? A value is required.
Lecture or hands-on preferred? A value is required.
When would you like to have your class? A value is required.
Where would you like this class held? At your location (conference room, lab, etc.)
At one of the facilities of the Technology Training Services (facility rate applies)

To pay for the class, what is your department's PTA?


Note: Although Staff Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) funds cannot be used to set up a special class, University staff may use their STAP funds to reimburse the department by way of a journal transfer.

Departmental Funds
Account Approver
Supervisor's Name: A value is required.
Supervisor's Email: A value is required.
Supervisor's Telephone: A value is required.

Our Learning Objectives

I understand that my instructor may have some input on our objectives, and that we have to agree on the learning objectives at least 5 business days before the training session occurs.

If you only have 1 or 2, leave the remaining objectives blank.

  1. A value is required.
Other information you would like to tell us:



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