Schedule for: Fall Quarter 2001

Held Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium, TGIF Clinics are informal, interactive clinics on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. Questions from attendees are strongly encouraged. These drop-in sessions are led by knowledgeable ITSS staff.

The success of these clinics depends on you!

Each clinic will be on a different topic. Clinic topics will be announced about a week in advance through various distribution lists, our web page, and especially the TGIF-L Mailing List.

Dates for Fall Clinics:
Date Topic Presenter(s)



Maintaining Department Web Pages

Mark Branom

12 Web Auth –– A How To Tim Torgenrud
19 Eudora: Advanced Topics Mark Branom, Tom Wiggins
26 How to Get Existing Content on the Web Mark Branom
November 2 Crashes, Invasions, & Viruses Mark Branom
9 Calendaring at Stanford Catherine Knipe, Susan Empey, Robin McClish
16 Group Communication on the Web Mark Branom
23 Happy Thanksgiving!  
30 Using Palm Devices at Stanford Robin McClish, Becky Fenton, Lori Wisneski, Karen Zack
December 7 Creating Workgroups to Control Access to Your Department Web Pages Lynn McRae, Craig Jurney
14 Web Graphics Mark Branom
28 Happy Holidays!  

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Because we are presenting emerging technical topics, please feel free to contact the TGIF coordinator with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. Call x5-1541 or send email to

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