Schedule for Fall Quarter 2002

Held Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium, TGIF Clinics are informal, interactive sessions on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. Questions from attendees are strongly encouraged. These drop-in sessions are led by knowledgeable ITSS staff.

The success of these sessions depends on you!

Each session will be on a different topic. Topics will be announced about a week in advance through various distribution lists, our Web page, and especially the TGIF-L Mailing List.*

Dates for Fall 2002 Clinics:

Date Topic Presenter(s)
September 27 Creating and Maintaining Department & Group Web Pages Mark Branom
October 4 IMAP Email Services Bruce Erickson
11 Wireless Technologies (Click here to download PowerPoint Presentation) Chudi Igboemeka, Mark Branom
18 Creating and Using PDF Files Mark Branom
25 Using Palm Devices at Stanford Robin McClish, Lori Wisneski, Becky Fenton, Karen Zack
November 1 What You Need to Know about Getting Off the Forsythe Mainframe John Klemm, Susan Plass, Meighan McWilliam, Tilak Dhar
8 Meeting Maker Tips & Tricks, Upgrade to version 7.x Robin McClish
15 Stanford Mailing List Services Kevin Hall, Tim Torgenrud
22 Streaming Media Jim Knox
December 6 Mac OS X @ Stanford website and PowerPoint Presentation Jim Brown
13 cbt.stanford Update Mark Branom

Web-Creators Forum

In the future, ITSS, in conjunction with University Communications, will present the Web-Creators Forum – one Friday clinic per quarter dedicated to maintaining university-wide communications about standards and other issues affecting all who create and support websites on campus.

At one of the Web-Creators Forums, University Communications will show us a new site, featuring Best Practices for the Stanford Web. The site will provide guidance on content, design, technical, legal and usability issues, as well as provide design templates and graphics such as a web-ready version of the university seal.

Look for the Web-Creators Forum in a future quarter.

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Because we are presenting emerging technical topics, please feel free to contact the TGIF coordinator with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. Call Phyllis Olrich at x5-1541 or send email to

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