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Held Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium, Tech Briefings are informal, interactive seminars on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. These sessions are intended for power users, Expert Partners, and those with IT responsibilities, but are open to everyone - faculty, staff, and students. The Tech Briefings, led by knowledgeable IT Services staff or other IT professionals, run from 2:00 to 3:30 P.M. No registration is required - just come on by and learn something new. No fees. No fuss.

Turing Auditorium is Room 111 of Polya Hall. See this map to Polya Hall.

The success of these sessions depends on you! Questions from attendees are strongly encouraged. Topics are announced in advance through the techbriefings mailing list and on this web page.

Because we are presenting emerging technical topics, please feel free to contact the Tech Briefing coordinator with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Call 723-4391 or send email to

Summer 2009 Tech Briefings

  • No Tech Briefing - Independence Day
    Stanford Calendar
    Stanford WebAFS, Collaboration Tools Installer, and Scheduling Service
    Home Networking
    Introducing Captioning at Stanford (
    Apple Presents
    Google: Search Engine Optimization
    WebEx at Stanford
    ATT Mobility - Network Roadmap and Apple 3Gs iPhone
    No Tech Briefing - Labor Day
    Stanford Instant Messaging
    *NEW* Apple Presents: Snow Leopard
    Drupal Workshop, Part 1: Installing Drupal
Date Topic Presenter(s)
July 3

No Tech Briefing - Independence Day


July 10

Stanford Calendar

On Independence Day weekend, the campus will move from Sundial to Stanford Calendar. This Tech Briefing will focus on the most commonly used features in the calendar and some special tips and tricks for optimizing your Stanford Email & Calendar experience.

More information can be found at

Ammy Hill, IT Services
July 17

Stanford WebAFS, Collaboration Tools Installer, and Scheduling Service

Come learn about WebAFS, the newly-released web-based interface to AFS. This new tool allows you to access your files in AFS space from anywhere using just a web browser.

We'll go over the interface as well as possibilities available for managing and sharing your files with your colleagues at Stanford. We will also cover the Collaboration Tools Installer, which lets you install three popular open source web applications (Drupal, MediaWiki, and WordPress) in your departmental or group web space. We'll go through the installation process and give you pointers on where to get help and information.

Finally, there will be a sneak preview of the upcoming Scheduling Service, a new service that will allow you to execute UNIX commands and scripts at regular intervals.

Links of Interest:

Jon Pilat & Marco Wise, IT Services
July 24

Home Networking

camera iconWatch the Streamed Video of the Presentation

PDF of Presentation

Join us as Kent Reuber present some basic info on setting up home networks on Stanford DSL, Stanford West, and non-Stanford DSL/cable modems. He will talk about the basics of print servers, wireless access points, and routers. He will also present some example home network diagrams that you may want to follow. He won't be covering specific products – there are simply too many products out there. He will, however, give you some recommendations on home network configurations that can be used with many different products.

Kent Reuber, IT Services
July 31

Introducing Captioning at Stanford (

camera iconWatch the Streamed Video of the Presentation

The Stanford Online Accessibility Program and the Office of Accessible Education are unveiling a work-flow application service that will assist content creators in ensuring captioned videos are produced at Stanford, easily, affordably, and accurately.

Increasingly, web-based video is becoming part of our academic toolbox. Using multi-media content on the web however introduces additional accessibility issues, and videos in particular require captioning to ensure conformance to accessibility guidelines and emerging state and federal laws. Happily, captioned videos also increase the shelf-life of your content by improving the search-ability and archive-ability of your media files.

Join John Foliot and Sean Keegan as they demonstrate and launch this new developer service for the Stanford community.

- John Foliot, SOAP

- Sean Keegan, Office of Accessible Education

Aug 7

Apple Presents

Come hear Stanford's Apple rep Wyn Davies talk about the exciting new Apple products.

Wyn Davies, Apple

Aug 14

Google: Search Engine Optimization

camera iconWatch the Streamed Video of the Presentation

The presentation for this Briefing is available at:

Supplementary Resources:

During this rich presentation, spanning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fundamentals as well as advanced tricks and tactics that only the elite SEO experts know, you'll learn how to:

* Check your "Google Pulse"
* Estimate missed opportunity costs
* Ensure Google crawls 100% of your site, including dynamic pages
* Design your pages to dominate rankings
* Avoid getting banned by Google
* Wield invaluable SEO tools you've not yet heard of
* Build high-quality links from trusted sites, and boost your PageRank along with your rankings
* Prepare for changes to come... and so much more!

Stephan Spencer, NetConcepts

Aug 21

WebEx at Stanford

In this Tech Briefing, learn how WebEx software can facilitate:

* holding "virtual meetings" without traveling across campus
* effectively involving staff members working remotely
* gathering groups quickly to review materials,
* leveraging colleagues at other institutions,
* delivering real-time lectures, demos, and presentations,
* providing virtual office hours,
* quick-response remote desktop support assistance, and
* cross-functional group collaboration

Chris Lundin, IT Services
Aug 28

ATT Mobility - Network Roadmap and Apple 3Gs iPhone

Come learn more about mobility at Stanford and AT&T's plans to upgrade their 3G network to deliver considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. In addition to the planned speed upgrade, AT&T is enhancing its mobile broadband coverage by nearly doubling the wireless spectrum dedicated to 3G in most metropolitan areas to deliver stronger in-building reception and more overall network capacity.

IT Services and AT&T representatives will be available for questions after the presentation.

Eric Hutson, AT & T
Sept 4

No Tech Briefing - Labor Day

Sept 11

Stanford Instant Messaging

Stanford Instant Messaging (Stanford IM) is a communication tool that uses SUNet IDs and SSL encryption to allow University departments to communicate quickly and securely with anyone at Stanford. Come hear about the service and see how Stanford IM is configured with two supported IM clients (Adium and Pidgin).

Note: Bring your laptop to download and try the applications, or follow along with the demo.

For more information, including the PowerPoint slide of this session, visit

Heather Flanagan, Jo-Ann Cuevas Pagliaro, IT Services
Sept 18

*NEW* Apple Presents: Snow Leopard

Join us for this Briefing as Stanford's Apple representative Wyn Davies gives an overview of Apple's new operating system - Mac OS X Snow Leopard. He will also discuss any new Apple announcements.

Wyn Davies, Apple

Sept 25

Drupal Workshop, Part 1 - Installing Drupal

This is the first in a series of hands-on workshops covering Drupal installation and development at Stanford. Bring a laptop and follow along!

Part 1 - Installing Drupal will go step-by-step through:

*Installing Drupal using the Stanford Collaboration Tools Installer
*Enabling included contributed modules
*Basic configuration

In order to follow along and install your own Drupal installation during the workshop, you will need to be a member of the -admin PTS group for a department or group AFS account.

See for more details about requesting department/group AFS space and/or adding someone to a relevant -admin PTS group. Requesting a new department/group AFS account or that you be added to the -admin PTS group of an existing department/group AFS account takes time, but needs to be completed BEFORE the workshop.

Note: There will be a very limited number of temporary accounts available for use by attendees who cannot get access to a department/group AFS account. Please use the link at to let us know if you will need access to a temporary account.

Sharon Krossa, IT Services


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