Schedule for Winter Quarter 2002

Held Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium, TGIF Clinics are informal, interactive clinics on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. Questions from attendees are strongly encouraged. These drop-in sessions are led by knowledgeable ITSS staff.

The success of these clinics depends on you!

Each clinic will be on a different topic. Clinic topics will be announced about a week in advance through various distribution lists, our Web page, and especially the TGIF-L Mailing List.*

Dates for Winter Clinics:
Date Topic Presenter(s)



Leni Silberman

18 Maintaining Department Web Pages Mark Branom
25 Eudora: Advanced Topics Mark Branom, Tom Wiggins
February 1 Mac OS X Jim Brown
8 Coping with Email Attachments Mark Branom
15 Group Communication on the Web Mark Branom
22 Using Palm Devices at Stanford Robin McClish, Lori Wisneski, Becky Fenton, Karen Zack
March 1 Calendaring at Stanford – SUndial Susan Empey
8 Creating & Using PDFs: What's New Mark Branom
15 Crashes, Invasions, & Viruses: What Can YOU Do? Mark Branom
  22 Windows XP Overview (download PowerPoint Slides) Tony Silveira

Topics for TGIFs include:

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Because we are presenting emerging technical topics, please feel free to contact the TGIF coordinator with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. Call Phyllis Olrich at x5-1541 or send email to

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