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Tech Briefings

Timely Info for Power Users and Stanford's Technology Support Community


Held Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium, Tech Briefings are informal, interactive seminars on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. These sessions are intended for power users, Expert Partners, and those with IT responsibilities, but are open to everyone - faculty, staff, and students. The Tech Briefings, led by knowledgeable IT Services staff or other IT professionals, run from 2:00 to 3:30 P.M. No registration is required - just come on by and learn something new. No fees. No fuss.

Turing Auditorium is Room 111 of Polya Hall. See this map to Polya Hall.

The success of these sessions depends on you! Questions from attendees are strongly encouraged. Topics are announced in advance through the techbriefings mailing list and on this web page.

Because we are presenting emerging technical topics, please feel free to contact the Tech Briefing coordinator with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Call 723-4391 or send email to

Winter 2007 Tech Briefings


Date Topic Presenter(s)
January 26

Updates from Apple

Come join Stanford's Apple team as they talk about and show the latest and greatest Apple products from Macworld 2007 as well as go over a sneak preview of Leopard, Leopard Server and the new Intel Xeon-based Xserve

Wyn Davies, Apple Computer
Noah Abrahamson, IT Services

February 2

Adobe Acrobat 8

Adobe Systems recently launched version 8 of their successful Adobe Acrobat line. Come see Mark Branom discuss the new features and uses of Acrobat, including how to:

  • Create and optimize Adobe PDF documents
  • Combine files from multiple applications
  • Enhance and extend document collaboration
  • Streamline data collection with Adobe PDF forms
  • Apply advanced document security and controls


Mark Branom, IT Services
February 16

Getting Your Web Site to Deliver to ALL -  Universal Accessibility

To help web designers and online content creators produce material that is accessible to the greatest audience possible, The Stanford Online Accessibility Program ( provides guidance to those at Stanford community who share information via the Web. The recommended standards and best practices enhance the user-experience for everyone, including those with disabilities. Come meet John Foliot (Academic Technology Consultant) and discover how he can assist you -- from enhancing the search-ability of your site to future-proofing your content for emerging technologies. REMEMBER: Universal Accessibility benefits all.

John Foliot, Stanford Online Accessiblity Program
February 23

Stanford Desktop Tools

IT Services is rolling out a new desktop software offering, designed to replace PC/Leland and MacLeland called Stanford Desktop Tools.

Click here for the PowerPoint Presentation on Stanford Desktop Tools.

Jon Pilat, Ammy Hill, IT Services
March 2

Using iPass to Connect

IT Services is rolling out a new remote access service, called iPass Mobile OfficeiPass provides global remote access via Wi-Fi, Hotel Ethernet, and dial up connectivity from 161 countries around the world.

Marty Riley, from iPass, will talk about the iPass service and how it addresses the increasingly complex needs of the mobile user.

Click here for the PowerPoint Presentation on iPass (SUNet ID required)

Marty Riley, iPass
March 9

Software Resources at Stanford

Even technical people need to know how to find the software tools they need for their work at Stanford.  This "Software Portal Live" presentation, provided jointly by Software Licensing, Procurement, and the Campus Bookstore will demystify the various sources of software on campus.

Debbi Barley (IT Services), Trinka Gillis (CWA-Procurement), Glen Jones (Stanford Bookstore)
March 16

Using Open Source Software and Other Freebies (a.k.a. Alternatives to MS Office and Sound, Video, and Graphic Manipulation software)

Do you wish you had office applications at home? Is your department running out of funds because you're spending too much on licensing fees for tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Illustrator, and Photoshop? Come to this Tech Briefing as our instructor, Mark Branom, demonstrates Open Source and other free alternatives. Topics will include, Audacity, Picasa, GIMP, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and Google Page Creator.

Click here for links to the software discussed at the Tech Briefing.

Mark Branom, IT Services
March 23

Webmail Preview

The Webmail system is going through an upgrade.  Come attend this session and learn about the changes.    Learn about the performance improvements that have been put in place.  Learn about server-side filtering to make it all work more "automagically" with your IMAP folders, learn about the interface changes (e.g., the address book uses the Stanford Directory!) , and learn a little bit about the "mobilemail" feature.

Tim Torgenrud , IT Services
March 30

Stanford Webbishness

Join Tim Torgenrud Mark Branom as he shows us how to use the various web tools in the Stanford Web Services environment, including such tools as Movable Type, WordPress, wikis, and guestbooks.  Tim Mark will provide a brief overview of issues to look for in bringing PHP and other scripting tools, blogs, wikis, PIMs, and such into the Stanford Web Services environment, while providing a forum for participants to ask about the Stanford Web Services environment and its offerings.

Tim Torgenrud Mark Branom, IT Services


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