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Using Palm Devices at Stanford

Handspring Visor w/ Cell Phone Palm DevicesPalm OS Handheld Devices:




Operating Systems (an incomplete list)


  • HandsHigh
    • Slap
    • Memo PLUS
    • ThoughtManager - organizes your ideas and notes into outlines and checklists
    • ToDo PLUS - take control of your task list
    • Trip Deluxe - track mileage for auto trips
    • PhoneLog - track your phone calls
    • AirMiles - track your frequent flyer miles
  • Mobimate
    • PhoneMate - Graphical interface to address book
    • WorldMate - Conversions for currencies, time, rates, clothing sizes, and much more.
    • DateMate - Manage birthdays, events, and occasions by adding features to your calendar
    • Handscape Pro - powerful replacement for the application launcher
  • UltraSoft
    • Brainforest
      - manage projects, action items, checklists, ideas, and to-do
  • StreetFinder (Rand McNally)

Some of Robin's Favorite Software:

  • UnDupe -- clears out duplicate entries after synching
  • Filemaker Mobile -- FileMaker on your Palm
  • MobileDB -- Databases
  • SplashWallet -- (ID, Shopper, Photo, Money, Clock)
  • Documents To Go -- open Word, Excel, and other files on your Palm.
  • PalmPrint -- printing from your Palm
  • MyName -- What is your (user) name
  • HandyShopper -- list manager extradinaire -- particularly for shopping lists.

Top Download Sites

Palm Software

Check these sites for the software mentioned at left as well as thousands of other titles! If you have an interest, there is likely to be Palm software that addresses it.



Palm m105

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