Summer 2010 Tech Briefings

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  • July 2: Independence Day -- No Tech Briefing
    Drupal Workshop: Installing Contributed Modules
    Open Source -
    Converged Communication
    Protect Your Data and Protect Yourself
    WebEx at Stanford
    HTML5 - A Postcard From The Trenches
    Iz U Haz Prezenz? - Social Networking and Web Collaboration at Stanford 
    Sept 3: Labor Day -- No Tech Briefing
    Introduction to Networking
    Campus Cell Coverage:  Where are we?  Where are we going?
    Stanford Web Forms Service
Date Topic Presenter(s)
July 2

Independence Day -- No Tech Briefing

July 9

Drupal Workshop: Installing Contributed Modules

This is one in a series of hands-on workshops covering installing contributed modules at Stanford. Bring a laptop and follow along!

Nearly endless features can easily be added to Drupal by installing contributed modules. This session will go through the steps required to install these modules.

There will be pre-configured Drupal sites available for use by those who would like to follow along on a laptop during the workshop.
(No advance registration required!)

Sharon Krossa, IT Services
July 23

Open Source -

Do you wish you had office applications at home? Is your department  running out of funds because you're spending too much on licensing fees for tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access?

Come to this Tech Briefing as Mark Branom, IT Services, demonstrates, a free, open-source, viable alternative to the MS Office suite.

Mark Branom, IT Services
July 30

Converged Communication - Cisco VoIP

PowerPoint Presentation

This week's Tech Briefing focuses on the new Converged Communication bundled service package and the Cisco VoIP phone available in the package.

Learn about exciting new features like free conference calling, switching from your desk phone to your cell phone mid-conversation, and using a soft phone to make calls from your computer.

 Ammy Hill & Chai Ho, IT Services
Aug 6

Protect Your Data and Protect Yourself

PowerPoint Presentation

This Briefing focuses on the free tools available to Stanford employees to secure your data. We'll cover

- Secure Email
- Stanford IM
- Secure AFS
- Stanford Whole Disk Encryption (SWDE)

Stanford Data Security guidelines have gotten stricter and it's up to you to safeguard sensitive data. Learn the tips that will keep your data safe whether you're sending messages or storing files.  
Ammy Hill, IT Services
Aug 13

WebEx at Stanford

In this Tech Briefing, learn how WebEx software can facilitate:

  • holding "virtual meetings" without traveling across campus
  • effectively involving staff members working remotely
  • gathering groups quickly to review materials,
  • leveraging colleagues at other institutions,
  • delivering real-time lectures, demos, and presentations,
  • quick-response remote desktop support assistance, and more
Chris Lundin, IT Services
Aug 20

HTML5 - A Postcard From The Trenches

Online Presentation

HTML5 is here, it's hot and everyone wants to know more. But what *is* HTML5, and can we really start using it today? Stanford's Online Accessibility Program's John Foliot has been actively involved at the W3C during the development of HTML5, serving as co-Chair of the HTML5-Accessibility Task Force (media), and shares insight as to where we stand today.

  • What does HTML5 really mean?
  • What does it include?
  • Exclude?
  • What about accessibility?
  • Interoperability?
  • "Browser wars" Part 2?
  • Can we use HTML5 today?

Join John as he seeks to answer these questions and more.

 John Foliot, Stanford Online Accessibility Program
Aug 27

Iz U Haz Prezenz? - Social Networking and Web Collaboration at Stanford

Stanford University has a Facebook presence and "tweets." Do you? Find out how you can leverage Social Networking sites and Stanford-provided Web Collaboration tools to make new contacts, enhance communication and collaboration with colleagues, and share your knowledge and experiences with your friends and the world.

Join Mark Branom and Dave Ream (IT Services) as they show how others are using these tools and offer suggestions on how you can use them, too.

 Dave Ream & Mark Branom, IT Services
Sept 3

No Tech Briefing - Labor Day

Sept 10

Introduction to Networking

If you've ever been curious as to how computers talk to each other, this class will give a brief overview of some of the concepts of computer networking. This class will be a very basic introduction to common modern networking technology and terminology and how they apply to Stanford.

Topics covered include networking models and protocols, ethernet, wireless ethernet, the Internet Protocol (IP) and networking equipment.

Drew Saunders, IT Services
Sept 17

Campus Cell Coverage: Where are we? Where are we going?

Come learn about where the University is headed with regard to cell coverage.  There are many challenges in keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for data usage.  Also, T-Mobile will be on hand to discuss their cell plans and their particular plans for Stanford.

 Erich Snow, Director, Facilities Operations, IT Services

Jennifer Tapalaga, T-Mobile Account Representative

Sept 24

Stanford Web Forms Service

This session will demonstrate the Stanford Web Forms Service, available to community members for making contact forms, short surveys and polls, instructor evaluations, and other forms free of charge. No knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or SQL is required.

The form-building application provides a selection of pre-formatted fields and elements (both general-purpose and Stanford-specific), as well as pre-defined actions, that make it quick and easy to construct web forms. Data collected through the forms can then be emailed to the form owner and/or stored in a MySQL database, where it can be viewed through a secure web interface.

Find more information at

 Marco Wise, IT Services


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