A Practical Framework for
Positive Social Change

Global problems seem insurmountable; poverty, injustice, and environmental decay demand attention. Nevertheless, hope persists. The beginning of change is the recognition that things can be different. Next comes a drive toward empowerment, an action plan, and the development of effective programs and organizations based on vision and principles. So writes

Anne Firth Murray, author of Paradigm Found: Leading and Managing for Positive Change and Founding President of The Global Fund for Womeni.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the international philanthropic world and particularly on the founding and growth of The Global Fund for Women, Murray provides practical advice for others who want to effect positive change. Murray, a New Zealander and one of the 1,000 women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, serves on several boards and advisory groups. She advises organizations on principles-based development, leadership, governance, and management. She is currently a consulting professor at Stanford University, where she teaches courses on international women's health and human rights.

PARADIGM FOUND: Leading and Managing for Positive Change is both a personal story and a handbook for positive change, leading the reader through the journey from the beginning of an organization to the transition from its founding leadership.

The spiral images that appear on the cover of Paradigm Found are "koru" which, in the Maori language of New Zealand, symbolize not only the unfolding of the fern frond striving toward the light but also a new beginning, renewal, and hope for the future.

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Leading and Managing for Positive Change

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