Jim Warren has died and will be missed. I worked with him at UCSF and at Stanford and later at the People's Computer Company. When we founded Dr.Dobb's Journal I talked him into editing DDJ. The work is a better place because I was successful. Jim and I were friends. He was smart and incisive. He liked nothing better than being outrageous. He was fun to talk with and even more fun to solve problems with. I am going to miss him.

From Bob Seaby on the Kings Mountain group via Mark Kaufman Wednesday November 24 at 10:56:

One fewer curmudgeon. We're going to have to work extra hard to keep the curmudgeon level up.


Subject: [KingsMtn] Jim Warren
From: "Robert Seaby"
Date: 11/24/2021, 10:41 PM
To: KingsMountainCommunity@groups.io

Jim Warren was a close and dear friend. This Wednesday Morning, Nov. 24th., at 85 years of age Jim passed away at St. Michaels Medical Center in Silverdale WA. He is survived by his wife and loving partner, Malee. For decades Jim was a long time resident of California having resided in both La Honda and Kings Mountain before eventually moving to Hansville, Washington where he enjoyed the sights and sounds of Puget Sound.

Jim was a brilliant individual who excelled in mathematics and computer sciences in addition to being a prolific writer. The old computer term WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” perfectly described Jim as he made his thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes crystal clear to everyone. He is probably best known around Silicon Valley as the founder of the West Coast Computer Faire which in its day was the largest public microcomputer convention in the world.

Jim was indeed a Renaissance Man, knowledgable in many areas and curious in so many others. If you had the privilege of knowing Jim or better yet being his friend then you knew a very kind, honorable, generous and socially responsible gentleman. To learn more about Jim’s life, interests and accomplishments just check him out in Wikipedia where his life is well chronicled or read the book, Fire in the Valley. You will be amazed at the description of a life well lived. I was fortunate to have known Jim and grateful to have enjoyed his wit, humor and friendship. My condolences to Jim’s wife, Malee, at the loss of her husband and partner. He will be missed but not forgotten. Rest In Peace my friend.