I'm Anna Shcherbina.

Graduate student in biomedical informatics.

About Me

I am a PhD student in the Biomedical Informatics program at Stanford University. I am jointly advised by Dr. Anshul Kundaje and Dr. Euan Ashley. I am interested in developing algorithms that utilize machine learning and data mining approaches to derive medically relevant conclusions from multi-layer omics data. Prior to beginning my graduate studies at Stanford, I was a researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the Bioengineering Systems and Technologies group. During this time I developed algorithms to characterize microbiome metagenomic datasets and was involved in developing and administering the DTRA Metagenomics Grand Challenge[1]. I developed the FASTQSim algorithm[2,3] to simulate complex, platform-indepentent HTS datasets for use as an algorithm benchmarking tool. Additionally, I developed algorithms to detect kinship and deconvolve mixtures in forensic samples by analyzing allele frequencies and inheritance patterns in forensic SNP panels[4,5,6]. During this time, I also developed a strong interest in epigenetics and participated in a time-series CHiP-seq study to characterize different stages of healing from muskoskeletal injury in a mouse model[7].

I am developing deep learning algorithms for identifying pathogenic variants in undiagnosed diseases. I am also mining big data resources such as the UK Biobank and the MyHeart Counts mobile health data for meaningful associations between physical activity and health. My long term goal is to contribute to precision medicine by integrating physical activity, medical history, and genetic information to build a more complete picture of patient health

Research Interests



I hold M.Eng (computer science) and BS (computer science, biological engineering) degrees from MIT. My M.Eng research focused on developing machine learning algorithms for short tandem repeat (STR) profile authentication for forensic applications.

Contact Me

Email: annashch at stanford.edu

Lane Building #329

Biomedical Informatics Department

Stanford University

300 Pasteur Drive

Palo Alto, CA 94305