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Anthro Sci and HumBio. 152
Environment and Growth in Eight Developing Countries
Tues/Thurs 1:15-2:45 in Rm: 361J
Spring 2002

A. Overview

This advanced seminar will compare and contrast the environmental and development policies of eight developing countries as they cope with the pressures of economic growth and its attendant pollution and resource depletion.  Four of the eight countries are China, India, Siberia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Tanznia, Brazil, and Costa Rica.  The class will choose the remaining four countries.  The seminar will open with a review of the dilemma facing most developing countries in industrializing and modernizing, while also protecting their environment.  Class members will organize the class reader from web and library sources.  We will spend a week on each of the eight countries--relying, when possible, on outside experts.

Each seminar member will select a developing country of his/her choice and will write a research paper analyzing that country's environmental and development policies and their effectiveness.  The final week will be spent reviewing those papers and deriving common themes.

B.  Seminar Responsibilities

Class members will be expected to have completed the week's reading and be prepared to comment on it.  Two class members will be responsible for each one of the eight developing countries and will co-lead one class.  A research paper of about 15 pages will be required.  There will be a final-take-home problem set.

C.  Required Materials

The Reader, available from Tracy in ANSI after 10 am Monday 4/8.

D.  Reading Schedule

4/2  1.  Getting acquainted with the subject.

4/4  2.  Getting to know one another and preparing the Reader.

4/9 & 4/11 3.  China

4/16 & 4/18 4.   India


4/23 & 4/25 5.   Siberia and the Russian Far East

4/30 & 5/2 6.   Vietnam

5/7 & 5/9 7.   Nigeria


5/14 & 5/16 8.   Tanzaniz


5/21 & 5/23 9.   Brazil

5/28 & 5/30 10.   Costa Rica


6/4  11.   Presentation and review of research papers

E.  Research and Writing Project (FINAL DRAFT DUE ON MAY 28TH):

The research paper's subject will be an analysis of the environmental and development policies of any developing country.  The organization, format and content of the paper should be similar to a short note in a scholarly journal.  The paper should be no longer than 15 double spaced word-processed pages, excluding footnotes.  Choose a country that you are particularly interested in .

The first draft (due on May 7th) should contain all of your research.  You should use the time between the two drafts to clarify, refine and better organize the paper rather than do additional research.

F.  Communality

The first few minutes of every class meeting will be available for 'feedback'.  Use this time to air any questions or problems.  Frequently, the answer to a question will not be immediately available.  I will make every effort to research a question or problem before the next class meeting.  There will be a class gathering at Yost House on a weekend in April.  This will include a potluck meal and volley ball game--a good opportunity to get to know your classmates.

G.  Participation and Grades

Class participation is vital.  This means taking responsibility for speaking up, asking focused questions and offering thoughtful answers.

Calculation: A.   Research Paper - 50%
  B.   Presentation - 15%
  C.   Participation -15%
  D.   Final problem set - 20%