MS&E 130/231: Information Systems, Autumn 2005-06

Instructor: Ashish Goel

Handout 11: Homework 4. Given 12/02/05. Due 12/09/05.


Collaboration Policy: You are allowed to discuss general strategies for solving a problem with other students in the class, and also to clarify your understanding of the problem. You are not allowed to copy or see somebody else’s homework.


This is a shorter homework, so it is worth only 40 points.


  1. [0 pts] Read handout 10. Download and install the MySQL Query browser. Use the MySQl browser to connect to using the name and the password we gave out in class.  You will now be logged on to the database server. You can use “show databases;” to see the available databases. Then do “use msande130;”. This database has three tables. Do “show tables;” to list the tables. Do “describe MovieStar;” etc. to see a description of these tables. You are now all set for the next two exercises.


  1. Write a query to list all the studios that ‘Arnold’ has worked for. Export the result as an html file, and submit a printout of this file. The studioNames should not be repeated.


  1. Write a query to list the name and the address of every actor who has worked for Universal.  Export the result as an html file, and submit a printout of this file. Again, there should be no duplicate records.


  1. [0 ps] Do ‘use DATABASE_FOR_X’ where X is your login name. You are now ready for the next exercise.


  1. Create two tables of your own choosing which capture some meaningful relationship. Populate them with at least 5-10 records each. Run “select *” queries for each of the two tables. Write some meaningful query that involves both tables.  Export the results of each of the three queries into html files and submit a printout of the three html files. Please do not delete the tables that you create.


  1. Write a short predictive essay (less than 300 words) on the future of Internet advertising.



Please do not forget to write down your login name on your homework