MS&E 433: The Socio-economic Impact of the Novel Coronavirus on the Developing World

Spring 2019-20, Tue 5-7pm

Ashish Goel, 650 814 1478
Office Hours: By appointment

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This is a project class, structured as a series of mini-projects to analyze the socio-economic impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the developing world. Projects will include adapting epidemiological models to low income and migrant populations, understanding and predicting the patterns of economic disruption, and designing mitigation strategies.

  1. General simulation infrastructure (Stage 1)
  2. Modeling for Botswana
  3. Modeling for India (Stage 1)
  4. Modeling for Peru schools (stage 1)
  5. Gathering migration data for India
  6. Understanding test pooling strategies for estimating prevalence of a disease