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I am a library specialist with the Robert Crown Law Library at Stanford University. Also, I am former president of SLSA (Stanford Libraries Staff Association). My interests include:

See my Blog about my hypotheses towards this end Town Musician

I am including in my home pages an excerpt of my autobiography. I am calling it "A Horse, A Dog, A Boat, A Tent". My husband is Zachary H. Calhoun Jr. He does not like to use the computer. Therefore I did not create a web page for him. My three sons are Stefan, John and Erik. Stefan is interested in music, John is an artist living in Holyoke, Mass., and Erik lives in Capitola. Besides John there are other artists worth mentioning in our family. My grandfather Johannes Behrens and my great-grandfather Hermann Kroeger were artists. In addition, my nephew Dettmer E. Otto is a graphic artist in Bristol, England. My brother Dettmer Otto has written a book "Das Rätsel des Diskos von Phaistos" in which he attempts to decipher the ancient pictograms arranged in spiral shape on a round clay disk. See also at A sampling of Phaistos Disk translations

I am planning to update this website on a regular basis. So, please keep visiting.

Links to friends' web pages: David Bergen and Yagil Herzberg

I am maintaining a link that features John C. Calhoun.

Of special interest is the subject of Dental Amalgam and Mercury. So I am expanding this web site to include all I can find about the history, the use of and the ramifications of use of mercury and amalgam. See also my Book Review of the Kieler Amalgam Gutachten and my translation of the essay by Alfred Stock "Die Gefaehrlichkeit des Quecksilberdampfes," (1926), ( The Dangerousness of Mercury Vapor) pertaining to this subject.

My grandson Calvin Ranger Calhoun was born January 16, 1999

Calvin at two and a half


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