My research spans the areas of distributed systems and low latency datacenter networks. I am a member of the RAMCloud group at the Stanford computer science department where I work on designing low latency distributed systems for datacenter applications. I work under supervision of John K. Ousterhout. Prior to RAMCloud, I worked on the dielectric laser accelerator project as a joint member of the Byer group at Stanford Ginzton laboratory and advanced accelerator research department at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology in Isfahan, Iran.

Research Highlights
  • Homa Transport (Nov. 2014 - present): A low latency, receiver driven transport protocol for commodity dataCenter networks. along with the two traditional goals of a transport protocols that are reliable delivery and congestion control, the two main goals of this new protocol are to achieve minimal average completion time for the flows and high scalability.
  • RAMCloud (Jul. 2013 - 2016): A distributed, low latency, in memory, key-value storage system for datacenter applications. RAMCloud provides round trip latency of less than 5us for read and 15us for write operations in a datacenter network. RAMCloud keeps all the primary copies of data in RAM and backups are stored on secondary storages. In addition to low latency, RAMCloud also provides fast crash recovery, indexes as the high level data model, and transactional read and writes.
  • Dielectric Laser Accelerators (Oct. 2010 to Jul. 2013): In this project, for the first time ever, we demonstrated acceleration of electrons in a Laser Driven Microstructure and the results of this work were published in the Nature journal, Nov. 2013 issue. In summary, relativistic electrons pass through the vacuum channel of a grating microstructure driven by femtosecond laser pulses. Under the right phase matching conditions, the electrons will experience a net acceleration gradient in the GV/m range as they pass through the vacuum channel. This project was a joint work between Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
Selected Publications

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