Professor B. Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University


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Working Papers



Recently Published and Forthcoming Papers (last 10 years)




Some Highlights of Earlier Research


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“Addiction and Cue-Triggered Decision Processes,” American Economic Review, 94(5), December 2004, 1558-1590 (with Antonio Rangel).


Complete Mathematical Appendix for “Addiction and Cue-Conditioned Decision Processes,” American Economic Review, December 2004.


“Bequests as Signals: An Explanation for the Equal Division Puzzle,” Journal of Political Economy 111(4), August 2003, 733-764 (with Sergei Severinov).


“The Effects of Financial Education in the Workplace: Evidence from a Survey of Households,” Journal of Public Economics 87(7-8), August 2003, 1487-1519 (with Daniel M. Garrett).


“What Accounts for the Variation in Retirement Saving Across U.S. Households?” American Economic Review, 91(4), September 2001, 832-857 (with Jonathan Skinner and Steven Weinberg).


“Education and Saving: The Long-Term Effects of High School Financial Curriculum Mandates,” Journal of Public Economics, 80(3), June 2001, 435-465 (with Daniel M. Garrett and Dean Maki).


“Incomplete Contracts and Strategic Ambiguity,” American Economic Review, 88(4), September 1998, 902-932 (with Michael Whinston).


“Exclusive Dealing,” Journal of Political Economy, 106(1), February 1998, 64-103 (with Michael Whinston).


“Veblen Effects in a Theory of Conspicuous Consumption,” American Economic Review, 86(3), June 1996, 349-373 (with Laurie Simon Bagwell).


“A Theory of Conformity,” Journal of Political Economy 102(5), October 1994, 841-877.


“How Strong are Bequest Motives? Evidence Based on Estimates of the Demand for Life Insurance and Annuities,” Journal of Political Economy 99 (5), October 1991, 899-927.


“Multimarket Contact and Collusive Behavior,” Rand Journal of Economics 21 (1), Spring 1990, 1-26 (with Michael Whinston).


“Collective Dynamic Consistency in Repeated Games,” Games and Economic Behavior 1 (4), December 1989, 295-326 (with Debraj Ray).


“Is Everything Neutral?” Journal of Political Economy 96 (2), 1988, 308-338 (with Kyle Bagwell).


“Coalition Proof Nash Equilibria I: Concepts,” Journal of Economic Theory 42 (1), June 1987, 1-12 (with Bezalel Peleg and Michael Whinston).


“On the Voluntary and Involuntary Provision of Public Goods,” American Economic Review 76 (4), September 1986, 789-793.


“Common Agency,” Econometrica 54 (4), July 1986, 923-942 (with Michael Whinston).


“Menu Auctions, Resource Allocation, and Economic Influence,” Quarterly Journal of Economics 101 (1), February 1986, 1-31 (with Michael Whinston).


“The Strategic Bequest Motive,” Journal of Political Economy 93 (6), December 1985, 1045-1076 (with Andrei Shleifer and Lawrence Summers).


Rationalizable Strategic Behavior,” Econometrica 52 (4), July 1984, 1007-1028.