Professor B. Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University


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Working Papers


“Non-Choice Evaluations Predict Behavioral Responses to Changes in Economic Conditions,” revised January 2015 (with Daniel Bjorkegren, Jeffrey Naecker, and Antonio Rangel).


“Probability Weighting in Decision Making Under Uncertainty,” January 2015 (with Charles Sprenger)


“Understanding Conformity: An Experimental Investigation” January 2015 (with Christine Exley)


“Financial Education, Financial Competence, and Consumer Welfare,” October 2014 (with Sandro Ambuehl and Annamaria Lusardi)


“Predictability and Power in Legislative Bargaining,” revised August 2014, under review, second round (with Nageeb Ali and Xiaochen Fan).


“Poverty and Self-Control,” revised March 2014, under review, second round (with Debraj Ray and Sevin Yeltekin, formerly titled “Self Control, Saving, and the Low Asset Trap”).


“Indecision Theory: The Role of Indecisiveness in Political Agency,” March 2014 (with Aaron Bodoh-Creed).


“Price Cutting and Business Stealing in Imperfect Cartels,” March 2014, under review, second round (with Erik Madsen).


“Do Consumers Exploit Precommitment Opportunities?  Evidence from Natural Experiments Involving Liquor Consumption,” revised August 2013, under review, second round (with Jonathan Meer).




Recently Published and Forthcoming Papers (last 10 years)




Some Highlights of Earlier Research