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  • Increasing Vaccine Confidence Through Targeted Messaging on Facebook
    with Steve Greene, Marc Hetherington, Rahsaan Maxwell, Tim Ryan, and Steve Tadelis
    Partner organizations: National Military Family Association, Rainey Center
    Overview: Large-scale RCT showing COVID-19 vaccine video ads we created (here: Military/NMFA, Young Survivor, Trump) to tens of millions of Facebook users, with messages targeted at the vaccine-hesitant. The RCT is complete and we are now analyzing its effects on vaccine uptake at the county level.
  • Depolarizing the Pandemic: A Social Media Experiment Encouraging Masks
    with Steve Greene, Marc Hetherington, Rahsaan Maxwell, Tim Ryan, Steve Tadelis, and Nils Wernerfelt
    Partner organization: National Military Family Association
    Overview: Large-scale RCT via Facebook showing a video ad (here) with a respected military general as the messenger encouraging mask wearing. The RCT is complete. We will analyze its effects on mask-wearing attitudes and COVID symptoms.
  • How Beliefs Evolve During Bargaining: Evidence from Pre-Trial Claim Settlement Negotiations
    with JJ Prescott and Bernardo Silveira
    Overview: Empirical analysis of a large dataset of alternating offers from pre-trial settlement negotiations from auto injury insurance claims.
  • The Effects of Legitimizing Arbitrage Through Parallel Trade: A Textbook Case
    with Jim Dana and Sarah Moshary
    Overview: Theoretical model and empirical analysis of the effects on prices, quantity, quality, and other market outcomes from a 2013 Supreme Court decision (Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) legalizing parallel imports of previously sold copyrighted goods.

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