The Best English-Language Fiction of the Twentieth Century
A Composite List and Ranking
by Brian Kunde


<- Finney, Jack, 1911-1995.
         Birth name: John Finney. Full name: Walter Braden Finney. American author born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who later lived in Galesburg, Illinois, New York City, and Mill Valley, California. Best known for his time travel stories, particularly Time and Again (1970), and for his earlier novel The Body Snatchers (1955), frequently adapted to film beginning with Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Recipient of the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 1987.
  • <- Time and Again. 1970.
            Simon ("Si") Morley, recruited into a government time-travel project, makes several trips back to the New York City of 1882 to unravel the mystery of an old letter that seems to indicate its mailing resulted in the fiery destruction of the world. The "world" referred to turns out to have been the New York World building, due to an adventure in which Si becomes embroiled. He is ordered to go back again with the assignment to change the past to the present-day advantage of the United States. Urged by project director E. E. Danziger not to do so, Si instead prevents the past meeting of Danziger's own parents, effectively wiping both Danziger and the time project from history. He elects to remain in 1882 with his nineteenth century lady love Julia Charbonneau. Followed by a sequel, From Time to Time (1995).

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