Dead Letters,
and Other Pieces

Mary Tappan Wright

edited by Brian Kunde

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     - About Mary Tappan Wright
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     - A Note on the Text
An Exception
Dead Letters
The Mountain
The Iron Woman
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About the Collection.

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     Dead Letters, and Other Pieces is a short story collection by Mary Tappan Wright, published as a chapbook by Fleabonnet Press in March, 2008.
     The pieces in this collection were originally published between 1899 and 1915: “An Exception” in The Independent v. 51, no. 2616, January 19, 1899; “Dead Letters” in The Independent v. 53, no. 2753, September 5, 1901; “Vox” in Harper's Monthly Magazine v. 107, no. 641, October 1903; “The Mountain” in Harper's Weekly v. 51, no. 2615, February 2, 1907; “The Iron Woman” in National Review v. 194, no. 673, December 1911; and “1915?” in The Atlantic Monthly v. 115, no. 4, April 1915. “An Exception” was reprinted in Massachusetts Ploughman and New England Journal of Agriculture v. 58, no. 20, February 11, 1899; as far as is known, none of the other pieces stories have ever hitherto been reprinted. This internet edition comprises the entire contents of the chapbook, and reproduces with minimal editorial intervention the original magazine texts.
     The pieces in this collection by Mary Tappan Wright and Austin Tappan Wright are in the public domain; all other material is copyrighted by the editor. For these, all rights reserved, including the right to reproduce them or portions thereof in any form. Persons interested in making use of these materials or purchasing the chapbook should contact the author at:
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Dead Letters, and Other Pieces
by Mary Tappan Wright

1st web edition posted 4/2/2008.
(updated 4/2/2008).

Published by Fleabonnet Press.
© 2008 by Brian Kunde.