Uncollected Works

Mary Tappan Wright
and Austin Tappan Wright

edited by Brian Kunde

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How They Cured Him
Alice’s Christmas
Numbered With Thy Saints
Ethel’s Christmas Brother
Children and Books
The Voyagers
George Meredith
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About the Collection.

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     Uncollected Works is an under-construction collection of previously uncollected material by Mary Tappan Wright and her son Austin Tappan Wright, bringing together works uncovered too late to include in the previous Wright collections published by Fleabonnet Press. These tales were being released exclusively on the internet under this heading until enough were discovered to form another print collection. As of the current updated (9/19/2011) this goal has been acheived, and the print edition is a work in progress. When it is published, the title of this internet edition will change in accordance with whatever title is assigned the print version.
     The pieces in this collection were originally published between 1887 and 1906: “How They Cured Him” in The Youth’s Companion v. 60, no. 12, Mar. 24, 1887; “Alice’s Christmas” in Youth’s Companion v. 62, no. 41, Dec. 19, 1889; “Numbered With Thy Saints” in The Youth’s Companion v. 63, no. 14, Apr. 3, 1890; “Ethel’s Christmas Brother” in The Churchman v. 81, no. 3 (whole no. 2870), Jan. 20, 1900; “Children and Books” in The Churchman v. 81, no. 9 (whole no. 2876), Mar. 3, 1900; “The Voyagers” in Verses from the Harvard Advocate, Third Series, 1886-1906. Cambridge: The Harvard Advocate, 1906, p. 202; and “George Meredith” in Life v. 54, no. 1406, October 7, 1909, pp. 461-462. “How They Cured Him” was reprinted in Parry’s Monthly Magazine v. 3, no. 10, July 1887; as far as is known, none of the other pieces have ever been hitherto reprinted. This internet edition reproduces with miniscule editorial intervention the original magazine or book texts.
     The pieces in this collection by Mary Tappan Wright and Austin Tappan Wright are in the public domain; all other material is copyrighted by the editor. For these, all rights reserved, including the right to reproduce them or portions thereof in any form. Persons interested in making use of these materials should contact the editor at: bkunde@stanford.edu.

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Uncollected Works
by Mary Tappan Wright
and Austin Tappan Wright

1st web edition posted 8/26/2008.
(updated 9/19/2011).

Published by Fleabonnet Press.
© 2008-2011 by Brian Kunde.