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“Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”
Ecclesiastes 1:2, King James version.

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About Fleabonnet Press

Fleabonnet Press was established by Brian Kunde in 1994 to publish the works of himself and his associates. Since 1995 it has served as incidental printer and web host for the Spilt Ink writers’ group. Founded in Redwood City, California, once part of the Spanish colonial Rancho de las Pulgas ("Ranch of the Fleas"), Fleabonnet Press has traveled with the proprietor, print operations being conducted successively from Redwood City, Union City, Palo Alto, Mountain House, and Tracy. In contrast, its electronic arm has consistently been based at Stanford University. The name is meant to suggest both the rancho and the press’ status as a shoe-string ("fly by night") operation. More to the point, the proprietor liked the sound of it.

The Fleabonnet Press Catalog

The Fleabonnet Press catalog includes a variety of titles, both print and electronic, for your reading pleasure, conveniently separated by category into fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and juvenile titles, publications of the Spilt Ink writers' group, and Classics. Our juvenile titles have the distinction of being both by and for persons of the younger persuasion, while our classic titles reprint selected public domain masterworks for both adults and children by various authors from past generations.

In addition to the more formal items listed, Fleabonnet Press has over the years indulged in the printing of such ephemera as greeting cards, baby announcements, commemorative fliers, and even a prospectus for the press (which consumed much attention but brought no return).


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