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About This Site.

     SUL News Notes, the former electronic newsletter of the Stanford University Libraries, was emailed weekly to all staff from 1992 through its demise in January, 1998. These pages constitute its unofficial archive site. Formerly the newsletter was also archived officially on ALDUS, but that archive was never updated after May 31, 1996, and was incomplete even for the period it covered. Here you will find the complete run of the newsletter, as well as the separately compiled texts of many of its regular features.
     On May 8, 1998, the newsletter resumed publication as SUL/AIR News (formerly an alternative title used the web edition of SUL News Notes), with its own official web site and archive; on October 31, 2012 a subsequent title change made it SUL News, also with its own official web site and archive. The new titles are not archived here; however, for the convenience of users, our "Issues" section provides links to issues of SUL/AIR News in the official archive. Otherwise, future update of this site will be limited to completing the feature coverage of the old title, and to continuing and extending index coverage to the new titles.
     This site was created by Brian Kunde and Geoffrey Skinner, and is maintained by Brian Kunde as a service to the staff of the Stanford University Libraries. It has no official connection with the newsletter or its successor, which is not responsible for its content. This site continues under construction, with additional material added as time permits.

Material currently available from this page follows.

  • Issues of the newsletter and its successors (Dec. 6, 1991-on).
  • Calendar (Dec. 6, 1991-June 2, 1995 (last)). Entry list complete: entries to be added.
  • Exhibits (Dec. 6, 1991-May 17, 1996 (last)).
  • Indexes: 1991/1997; 1998/2002; 2003; 2004 (in progress); 2005-2012.
  • Personnel Notes (Nov. 1991-Mar. 1993 (last)).
  • Poetry (Jul. 17, 1992-Dec. 19, 1997). To be updated.
  • Titles to Make You Smile (Jan. 31, 1992-Mar. 30, 2001 (last)).

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    Prepared by Brian Kunde and Geoffrey Skinner
    This page was established Nov. 29, 1995,
    and last updated Apr. 9, 2013.

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