Adam Bonica

Database on Ideology, Money in Politics, and Elections
See related paper: Mapping the Ideological Marketplace
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DIME scores for congressional candidates for 1980-2018 election cycles (Last updated: 10/31/2018)

Supervised Roll-Call Scores for Incumbents and Challengers
See related paper: Inferring Roll Call Scores from Campaign Contributions Using Supervised Machine Learning.
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PAC-based IRT Ideal Point Estimates
See related paper: Ideology and Interests in the Political Marketplace
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State Supreme Court Ideal Point Estimates
See related paper: A Common-Space Measure of State Supreme Court Ideology
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Federal District and Circuit Court Judges
See related paper: A Common-space Scaling of the American Judiciary and Legal Profession.
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Attorneys and Judges
See related paper: The Politics of Selecting the Bench from the Bar: The Legal Profession and Partisan Incentives to Introduce Ideology Into Judicial Selection.
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Measure of Corporate Elites Ideology
See related paper: Avenues of Influence: On the Political Expenditures of Corporations and Their Directors and Executives.
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Physicians and Campaign Contributions
See related paper: Political Polarization of Physicians in the United States: An Analysis of Campaign Contributions to Federal Elections, 1991 Through 2012.
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Executive Appointee Ideal Point Estimates
See related paper: Senate Gate-Keeping, Presidential Staffing of “Inferior Offices,” and the Ideological Composition of Appointments to the Public Bureaucracy
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