Crossing the Line at Ironman Canada 98


Welcome to the page I put together in the virtual Stone Age of the Web--- 1995. My goal was to share some nifty stuff about my two great passions: triathlons and old movies. Be kind as you view it now; its age is showing badly, and I have neither the time nor the heart to modernize it. It is officially a relic!

One of the highlights of my triathlon career came on October 3rd, 1998, when I crossed the line at Ironman Hawaii for the first time.

Other Ironmans:
Ironman Canada:
- 1997, my rookie Ironman in 13:08.
A different sort of day in 1998, but an extraordinarily fulfilling one. Race Report here..
- Canada 1999:12:10:38--- Women's Clydesdale Champion!
- Canada 2000: Fastest IM marathon split to that date - 4:32:xx

- Ironman Hawaii 2002: Sub-13 in Kona, 12:38:02.  Madame Pele didn’t show her face until mid-day, preferring instead to hide out behind a nasty rain storm that kicked up scary surf out in Kailua Bay.  One helluva fun bike ride, though—NO WIND on the Queen K--- Woohoo!!  The fun didn’t last on the run, however.  Once the sun came out and met up with all the leftover moisture on the road, the humidity was unbelievable. The marathon was an adventure in parboiling.

Ironman USA - Lake Placid 2003 --- the Monsoon!!  Swim PR of 1:10:23, and the day (though not the course) went downhill from there.

2005: Despite breaking my foot in a dumb accident in late March, I ended the triathlon season (and my Ironman career) with a sub-12-hour performance in Kona.  Sweet.

- Experience an Ironman through the eyes of a rookie: Check out my Ironman Canada '97 race report.

- Curious about what inspires a person to attempt an Ironman in the first place? Well, among other factors, I hold one Mr. Wade Blomgren responsible for my own dive into the deep end. His 1996 Ironman Canada race report tipped me over the edge. Thank you, Wade!




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